Melbourne: Federation Square

February 27, 2015

[Not so] recently, I took a week-long trip to Melbourne with my parents. Melbourne is such an astonishing city: quite incomparable to Sydney as it is its hipster soul sister. It has a cool, creative, colourful vibe to it and it throbs with life. 

Federation Square

Upon landing in Victoria's capital, I immediately knew what I wanted to see first: Federation Square. Fed Square (as it is affectionately called by locals...and subsequently, us too) is one of Melbourne's architectural masterpieces. On its website, it is called a 'modern piazza' and frankly, that description couldn't be more accurate.

Federation Square is home to tons of restaurants and stores that give you the look and feel of life in Melbourne. Eternally buzzing with energy, there are countless markets, performances, festivals and much more.  Here too stands The Ian Potter Centre: National Gallery of Victoria Australia, for you art geeks visiting. I shan't mention everything that goes on in Fed Square because one must go and discover it for himself or herself, but I shall tell you that there is so much to keep you entertained.  Something new astounds you everyday.

When we visited the square, there was a Sunday market ongoing. Everything from handmade soaps to different artsy things could be found. It was a struggle to keep myself from purchasing something, but I figured that there would be much more in store in the coming days. Nevertheless, it was nice to see what was on offer in the market. For lunch, we decided to have some food from In A Rush, a quaint cafe inside Fed Square. In A Rush offers on-the-go (although we actually weren't on the go) soups, wraps and desserts that are packed with flavour as well as all vitamins. It focuses on good health and nourishment.

In conclusion, Federation Square is a fabulous place to start your Melbournian excursion.