Singaporean Hawker Centres

May 1, 2015

Hundreds of stalls promising cheap yet scrumptious meals. Roast chicken and roast pig hanging on display to leave everyone’s mouths watering. Sumptuous scents wafting through the area. The constant bustle of customers choosing what to eat next. These are only some of the ways one could describe the Singaporean Hawker Centres. I could go as far as to say this was my favourite dining experience during my stay in this thriving city. There’s something that’s just so quintessentially Singaporean about it. 

My parents, my aunt and I visited the Tiong Bahru Hawker Centre on a Sunday morning. It was a pleasant surprise to witness it so clean and orderly; I’d never been to one beforehand and therefore didn’t know what to expect. The tables were also tidy, it wasn't too difficult to find a table, and the area was well-ventilated making it very comfortable. There were also oodles of stalls offering delectable foods from different cuisines making for a very confused and hungry girl.

Among the options were laksa, dim sum and noodles, roast pork, fried goods, and lots of Milo dinos - if only I could try them all. When in Singapore, one must take a meal at a hawker centre because nothing can quite compare.