Santorini: Day 2

December 6, 2014

We finally got to check something off our bucket lists: rent a car in a different country! We got our car first thing in the morning, then drove to Santorini's capital, Fira. I must say, driving from Oia to Fira is indisputably one of the most scenic drives I've ever been on. This definitely gives the Great Ocean Road a run for its money.

So. Fira. Fira means lunch and lunch means Tabasco restaurant. Very very unfortunately, I wasn't able to take photos of Fira but I'm sure I have a GoPro video in here somewhere. But anyway, here's a photo of one of the food establishments in the centre of the Fira.

After lunch, we drove to Santo Wines, a winery up in Fira. I've run out of ways to say 'beautiful,' but this place has got me thinking the only way to describe it is to roll up all the synonyms of beautiful in one.

The view from up there is just perfect.

We then jumped into the car to start heading towards Red Beach. It's such a beauty because of the unique colour of the sand and the unmissable view. Upon parking our car, we met a bunch of Filipinas who were currently residing in Ireland. They were just little fireballs of energy; such fun.

We spent lots of time marvelling at the splendour of Red Beach, and taking photos. How pretty is this beach?

If you're driving around the area of Akrotiri, you'll probably see signs pointing towards the Venetian Castle. Dad and I decided to give it a try and go up the ruins of the castle. As much as I would like to say that this was just another bunch of ruins, how could I? Could castle ruins atop a hill on Santorini be like anything you've ever seen before?

After, we decided to watch the sunset by the lighthouse, which is on the tip of the island, opposite of Oia. Let me tell you, it was quite a drive, but we were rewarded with one of the most stunning sunsets I've ever witnessed -- ever. It must've been the moment, the scene and the company. It was surreal in every possible way.

Mum parked the car as close to the lighthouse (and to our sunset spot) as she could get. I slammed the car door and trekked as far and as fast as my rugged-up Primark black flats could take me. Narrow as the trail was, I finally found the perfect spot to settle down and bid the sun goodbye. Mum had the time of her life snapping shots of the sunset; if you only knew how many photos from that day there are on my iPhoto library.

Easily one of the best days of my life. Yep, I think that statement pretty much sums up this day.