Why Santorini is Such A Gem

January 18, 2015

Our host in Santorini proudly told us that Santorini is the second most picturesque place in the world and it's easy to see why. Frankly, I think it should be at the top. Here's why.

The architecture and colour palette are uniform throughout the whole island. No matter what town you're in, you won't miss the pretty domes in a captivating shade of royal blue which match the gleaming sea right below. The calming whites follow you wherever you go. Misty greys from the stone steps are all over the island. If you visit some particular beaches, you might even witness the deep maroon-ish reds from the clay. And let's not forget the picturesque sunset hues: pinks, oranges and purples that blend like they were made for each other. Santorini is everything you've dreamed of and more. Here, you're on vacation everyday.
But these aren't the only reasons why Santorini has quickly become my favourite place on earth. The people here so jolly and easy to talk to. There were so many instances wherein small talk became in depth conversations. It's like strangers become good friends in a mere five minutes. We were even welcomed into a local religious festival, and we were treated like royalty.

Our host also told us that it seems like the weather in Santorini is always better, no matter what the circumstances. If cold and windy in Mykonos, Santorini will be bright and sunny. I guess that's just one of the things that makes Santorini so magical.

Lastly, people fail to remember that Santorini isn't just one of the top tourist hubs in the world; it's also a province & a tiny island in situated in the Aegean Sea. Glamorous movie stars in search of a relaxing getaway come to mind when the luxurious island is mentioned. Yet, people don't realise that there are also hardworking Greek carpenters who inhabit Santorini. Donkeys don't trot around for tourists to gawk and squeal at. They're actually there to work. That's what I adore about it: there are two sides to this island.

If these words aren't enough to get you to hop on the next plane to Greece, here are more photos to prove it. Actually, this is my sad little excuse for a Santorini photo dump. Truthfully, these photos are understatements: Santorini is a billion times more beautiful than this. Enjoy!

Hoping these pictures capture the essence of Santorini.