Dotonburi & the Kuromon Market, Osaka: A Photo Diary

August 28, 2016

Having recently hopped on a plane bound for Osaka, Japan with two of my closest friends, there is lots to show and talk about. Upon arriving, the first thing in our itinerary was to go to the Kuromon Market to find our first dose of Japanese food.

Greeted by the invigorating sights and smells of the market, our eyes instantly gravitated towards the takoyaki stand. I'd never tried takoyaki before, but I was pleasantly surprised by the creamy batter, soft octopus and tangy ginger.

We then made our way to nearby Dotonburi - a riverside eating and shopping district and one of the city's main tourist attractions. There was an overwhelming amount of people, but of course that was to be expected. The area was bursting with character and it was difficult to choose what to eat and where to go next!

Needless to say, Osaka is teeming with character.