What To Do in Brisbane CBD

April 14, 2016

Brisbane isn't on the top of most of people's "places to go in Australia" list, but it should be. As the capital of Queensland, it doesn't get as much publicity as it should. The [Really] Great Barrier Reef is accessible from here: it's around a seven-hour drive without any pitstops. One can also make side trips to Gold Coast and Surfer's Paradise, however don't skip out on the beautiful quaintness and serenity of Brisbane.

Brisbane doesn't carry many tourists, which is why it is quintessentially Australian. It isn't exactly the melting pot that is Sydney or Melbourne, but its quietness and tranquility will reel you in just like it was one of Australia's top destinations. It's the perfect stop to to wind down and relax without missing any of the city life that Australia does so impeccably. There are loads of things to do here, so let me name a few.

The Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary being the most popular destination - and yes, you can hold a koala! However, that isn't the only attraction around here. You can also find kangaroo enclosures, dingos, as well as lots and lots of birds and reptiles. What's great is that there are a lot of shows to watch. These give you a better insight into the wildlife that inhabits the sanctuary.

A stroll along Queen St is also essential, but beware as you will come home with tons of shopping bags. I could say that this is the main shopping district of Brisbane, as it serves as an entrance to lots of shopping malls, including David Jones, as well.

Besides that, a morning stroll/run around the City Botanic Gardens is a great way to soak up some Queensland sun whilst admiring the Brisbane River and the sweeping views of Southbank.

A City Cat tour along the Brisbane River to see the awe-inspiring city lights for the pri
ce of nothing at all was one of my favorite experiences. Think wind-blown hair and giant eyes gawking at the twinkling lights of the city. There are lots of stops along the way so it shouldn't be too difficult to hop on the nearest City Cat!

For some retail therapy, a day-long trip to the DFO is the way to go. The shopping centre is ginormous so trust me when I say that a whole day is needed.

Brisbane also has a great cafe culture which should not be overlooked. One of my favorite ones is Raw Energy located along Edward Street. The Acai Bowl and Alex Juice must not be missed!

A visit to the Queensland Performing Arts Theatre is also a great way to spend the afternoon.

Other than that, do yourself a favor and take a wander around the city. Gawk at monumental buildings such as the Parliament House and the National Treasury. They look even better at night.

With the Brisbane River running right through the CBD, it consequently features a lot of bridges. Personal favorites include Story Bridge and Kurilpa Bridge. Story Bridge grandly displayed itself from my bedroom window, and the Kurilpa Bridge was told to be an unconventional but undeniably impressive one.

That said, you should definitely take a visit to Brisbane because there's undoubtedly loads to do.