A Day Trip to Nara

September 12, 2016

Trust me when I say that there is no place in the world like Nara. Known worldwide for its freely roaming deer, I enjoyed every minute of our trip there!

The first thing on anyone's Nara agenda should be to visit Nara Park and feed the deer because it really is the best, most fun experience. Food for the deer is easily purchased around the park. While the deer are cute and friendly once you get there, they tend to get rough when they realize that you have food with you. Sometimes they bite you just for you to give them food, but the experience is unique nonetheless! And of course, I would never give up the opportunity to take a selfie with the deer.

We also visited Todai-ji, a Buddhist temple where you can find a giant Buddha. Not to worry, as the temple is beside Nara Park so visitors will not be far from the cute deer. A visit to the temple surely should not be missed because the structures inside are astounding. One will stand in awe just staring and taking in the majesty of the Giant Buddha. The exteriors of Todai-ji are also very inspiring.

There is so much to do in Nara - the list definitely isn't restricted to these two. I highly suggest a trip to Nara from Osaka ASAP!