Old Town, Shanghai

October 28, 2015

I had a sublime panoramic view of Shanghai's Old Town from my hotel bedroom. Its foreground featured the facades of ancient Chinese temples as well as busy pedestrians and motorcyclists strolling the grounds. In the background was a hotbed of gleaming skyscrapers: a complete 180 from the old town, but a welcome change nevertheless.

As our hotel (The Renaissance Shanghai Yu Gardens Hotel) was situated smack bang in the middle of the Old Town, it was only right to explore that area first. We explored on foot the Old Town on our first day. Rows and rows of beautiful Chinese temples filled the town, with red Chinese lanterns dotting it.

Of course, there was everything you could imagine being sold along the streets - including unusual street food.

The Huxinting Tea House is one that sits atop water - truly picture perfect.

Lastly, we wandered around the Yuyuan Gardens. It features enticing Chinese temples, beautiful ponds and oodles of pretty doorways making for perfect photo opportunities. Amidst the hustle and bustle of the Old Town, this is the perfect serene spot.

A visit to the Old Town was the absolute perfect way to spend our first day in Shanghai.