Santorini: Day 4

December 22, 2014

Today was kind of a funny story. Mum and I are far from being early risers. Even so, we were up before the sun so that we could catch it in all its glory. We abandoned the comfort of our beds to watch the magnificent sunrise.

Then it was time to travel all the way to Fira because -- low and behold -- we had to cancel our tickets to Mykonos. For one, we were told that Mykonos was a ghost town during the off season and that Santorini's beauty far exceeds the other. Another, Santorini has just spoiled us.

So there it is: no more Mykonos for us. For us to truly call of our Mykonos excursion, a trip to the airport was required. We then found ourselves in the midst of Santorini, scratching our heads and looking for the nearest sign to the airport. Much to our dismay, it was closed when we got there. Honestly, I felt like I was part of The Amazing Race that day: mindlessly lost in a place utterly new to me, hours of operation mixing up our plans, and eyes peeled for the nearest restaurant just to be able to kill time.

We had lunch in a place not even worthy of racking my brain of its name. All I can say is it reeked of the smell of people smoking cigarettes indoors. The food wasn't all that spectacular either, and at this moment I am befuddled as to why I continue to write about this ridiculously mediocre restaurant. Enough of that.

Whilst waiting for the airport to open its doors, we visited the nearby Koutsoyannopoulos Wine Museum. It's a captivating wine museum eight meters underground, as it inhabits a cave. Upon entering the vicinity, you will walk through a display of the wine-making process.  The museum shop offers a unique variety of wine racks (which are mind-blowing, let me tell you) and much more. 

We then took a[nother] scenic drive around the island, but I'm not complaining. Picturesque drives seem to be pretty prolific here in Santorini. In fact, they're unavoidable because this whole island is hypnotic.

With the airport errand finally being ticked off our list, we could take a breather and do whatever we willed. 

We took an sunny afternoon drive back to central Fira. Little did we know, Fira is truly a gem. Most eyes are focused on Oia, that Fira is easily looked over. Even so, we traversed the capital of Santorini and were awestruck by its overwhelming beauty. So without further ado, let me try to help you escape and travel to Fira through these photos.

It's excruciatingly difficult to put into words how stunning this place is. Whilst here, we were also able to visit the Catholic Church atop the hill and watch the sunset as well.

We ended the day with dinner in Diverso Cafe, which is also found in Fira. It's a very stylish place to dine and its prices don't make your wallet cry.